Is this a networking event?

  • Yes. As a student or startup you’re there to display, pitch, chat, and connect. Emerging Talk is an opportunity to become part of a larger entrepreneurial network. The prerequisite to this conference is an eagerness to engage. If you’re not willing to just walk up to another attendee and introduce yourself, your experience will not be as rich as those who are.

Am I eligible for prizes if I can’t attend?

  • No. You’re company can benefit from the awards so long as there is a representative present to receive them.

How formal is this event?

  • There is no dress code. We want students to represent themselves, their company, and their work as formally as they see fit. So if you invented Facebook, feel free to show up in flip flops. Please remember that many of the attending area professionals will be coming straight from work. They will likely be in suits. Just a heads up.


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